Obesity & Me

Female. Age – 41 years old. Single. Height – 5’1. Weight – 77 kilos

Yes, that’s me! Single and obese!

I have been meaning to start exercising. In fact I started January 1, 2015. But then it only lasted for 2 days. Then I started exercising again June of  2016 plus tried Yoga. However, I only did it once! Then stopped. Then started again April 16 this year – Walking. Well, at least I have been alloting 5 minutes everyday to walk…even in the comfort of my own room. I have to start somewhere, right?

It’s so hard to be glued in your chair and stare at your computer for 16 hours!

I know, the will must come from within me. I am my own worst enemy! Too lazy to do anything! Too many excuses but knowing for a fact that time management is the key if I really wanted to lose weight.

I really have a hard time drinking water. More so, there is only one brand of mineral water that I can drink! But I know, I’ll come around. Perhaps buy some fresh lemons?

It’s 10:30pm… I must head to bed now and wake up early tomorrow and try to follow the video on how to exercise properly.


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