A Half a Mile Walk and Sweets

Hold your horses! I know the photo would make all the healthy buff to screaming. But hear me out…

I visited my grandmom yesterday at my uncle’s house. It was her 84th birthday! She was very close to my late mom and she was also the generous one who let my mom be buried in the family’s lot. I do not have enough money to buy one for her and it is so heart wrenching to see my mom be buried in a public cemetery. So to cut the sotry short, mom is buried in this beautiful private cemetery beside my favorite grandpop!

My brother was at work so I don’t have means to travel except by commuting. An SUV, a bus and a trike (common here in the Philippines). And because my country is well-known to be the “traffic capital of the world”, walking to your destination is always an option rather than be stuck in traffic.

That’s where this half a mile of walking comes in. It was not bad. Well, for someone like me who is lazy and always sitting in front of my PC working then that half a mile was a feat!

Sadly, I have to eat this awesome treat later on! Lol!

But you see, I’d rather do it slowly (as what SlowRunnerGirl told me – step by step). I don’t want to push myself and end up hating what I am doing. I want to lose weight but I don’t want to punish myself either. Slowly but surely is the best approach for me.

Today, I will have my mini walk ! Bye!



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