How To Lose 10 pounds in a Week…

Okay ladies and gents who are like me having a huge problem…us being huge…fat…chubby…whatever how you want to describe our tribe, I have something here that we can use so we can start to lose weight in conjuction with our daily exercise.

Breakfast –

Before taking anything in (yeah before coffee, tea or bread) drink a glass of water – with lemon. Drink it on an empty stomach as it helps to detox your body from toxins and this my friends can help a lot in kickstarting your metabolism.


Now for your breakfast, munch in fruits!  Yes…sorry my dear tribe no coffee…no bread (but maybe we can have a wheat bread or something?) Have 2 apples, 2 oranges, grapefruit and 2 pears or as they said anything that is similar. Plus a handful (take note, handful only) of hazelnuts, almonds ot nuts to our menu! 🙂


Lunch – 

Guess what…cooked chicken or slice of meat. Yes! finally! Limit your side dish and avoid creamy salads. Olive oil will do the trick!


Snack –

In fairness, we have snack! A plate of green vegetable salad 🙂  add a pinch of salt and again…olive oil.


Dinner – 

Here we have to follow the “After Six”. No eating anything after 6PM. So our dinner menu will be hard boiled eggs and green salad and again with olive oil! You don’t need to complain since the menu is consist of proteins and healthy nutrients. If you feel like you are hungry – it’s not real. You were just used to having to eat a lot of food at night!


What do we do after 6pm? Prepare green tea. Yes, 1 liter of water, add 4 bags of green tea and drink it from 6pm onwards.


Now, I did not invent this! Lol!

Thank you Healthy Homestead for the tips! Really appreciate this.

Have to go now and do some stretching. Chat soon! Let me know your thoughts!


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