Evening Exercise with the kids

Yes! I was able to exercise for 5 minutes today! Well, it’s a feat believe me!

I had my 5 minute exercise inside my bedroom together with my nieces where we followed this Walking Exercise Video. It was crazy because I can’t determine whether they were really enjoying or was making fun of me! Lol!

I was telling my niece that before I go back out there and run, I will condition myself first and one way to do that is to do walking. 15 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. I think I really needed that 5 minutes in the evening as I have been sitting almost the whole day working. I am really trying to stand up and walk every 30 minutes but it’s really a struggle. Once I get into something I really have to focus or else whatever I have in mind would just disappear like a bubble!

I am contemplating too whether I should start going to the gym. I never did that in the past but it seems a good option now, don’t you think? My eldest niece would want to try Muay Thai or boxing she said…



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